Let’s talk zen

Mondays can be hard and stressful, yes. But so can Tuesdays, Wednesdays and any other working day. Because, in the end, it doesn’t matter what day it is, if you have work piling up on your desk (or desktop, for that matter).

So how can you get rid of your tension and stress in your short break of 15 minutes? Easy: breathe. Yes, yes, you may laugh and say “gee, thanks, if i wasn’t already breathing, i would be dead by now”. I mean breath through your nose, your pores, take deep breaths and allow your mind to be free.

So what if your break is only 15 minutes long? Studies have shown that simply by taking deep breaths (inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 4 and then exhale for 6 seconds, for example – this is the rythm that I found that works best for me) you help your brain manage stress, anxiety, lower your blood pressure and actually grow! Yes, you read that right (for more information about that you can read this article >> http://www.forbes.com/sites/daviddisalvo/2013/05/14/breathing-and-your-brain-five-reasons-to-grab-the-controls/ )


So, on your next break, use your 15 minutes to just breathe. I can guarantee you’ll feel better 🙂


Save your skin :)

When i was in highschool, i didn’t pay much attention to beauty guru’s advice about removing my make-up every night, cleaning my face and all that fun stuff. All i cared was getting enough sleep between school and nights out.

That went on until my first year of college, which was also the year i started working. Suddenly, i had all this time for myself, i could handle my classes well and balancing work seemed a breeze. Three months after i started college, i moved in with my boyfriend. Normally, any girl wants to look her best when she is around her boyfriend, so i paid more attention to my routine: i started exfoliating in the mornings (for about 3 times a week), using day creams and SPF. Admittedly, there were some nights when i forgot about removing my make-up, but that’s all gone now.

Having bad acne throughout my teen years really made me self-conscious about my skin. When i started removing my makeup at the end of the day, using toner and night creams or serums, i noticed a huge difference. My skin was more luminous, less fatigued, the discoloration had almost disappeared and i had an over-all good feeling.

I can’t stress enough how important sticking to a routine was for me. Even though i started an acne treatment a few weeks ago and my skin is so much better, it has also changed for the better in the past year. Not to mention, i can actually go out without ANY make-up on, without feeling embarassed anymore (and this is something i have never experienced before).

clay mask

The amazing ingredient

I have tried for years to repair my brittle hair, to improve my skin condition and to eat healthier.

I had no idea that one simple ingredient could be the answer to all of these problems: coconut oil (unrefined – it works wonders, and it’s easy to recognize because it smells like coconut, unlike the refined ones). Even though i’m still struggling with th “healthy eating ” part, my hair and my skin are thanking me.

Once a week (mostly saturdays or sundays) i take about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and massage my dry ends, i make a bun, and leave it for about 4-5 hours (or less, if I don’t have the time). After that, i wash my hair as I would usually do, and ta-daaa! Smooth hair and a great scent (if you like coconut, of course).

For my skin, i simply use the coconut oil as a night cream. It’s light and easy to apply, and it helps with my acne – it dries my zits and reduces the redness. I simply love it ♥

I hope my advice helped
Be Zen 🙂