Save your skin :)

When i was in highschool, i didn’t pay much attention to beauty guru’s advice about removing my make-up every night, cleaning my face and all that fun stuff. All i cared was getting enough sleep between school and nights out.

That went on until my first year of college, which was also the year i started working. Suddenly, i had all this time for myself, i could handle my classes well and balancing work seemed a breeze. Three months after i started college, i moved in with my boyfriend. Normally, any girl wants to look her best when she is around her boyfriend, so i paid more attention to my routine: i started exfoliating in the mornings (for about 3 times a week), using day creams and SPF. Admittedly, there were some nights when i forgot about removing my make-up, but that’s all gone now.

Having bad acne throughout my teen years really made me self-conscious about my skin. When i started removing my makeup at the end of the day, using toner and night creams or serums, i noticed a huge difference. My skin was more luminous, less fatigued, the discoloration had almost disappeared and i had an over-all good feeling.

I can’t stress enough how important sticking to a routine was for me. Even though i started an acne treatment a few weeks ago and my skin is so much better, it has also changed for the better in the past year. Not to mention, i can actually go out without ANY make-up on, without feeling embarassed anymore (and this is something i have never experienced before).

clay mask


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